Tutorials for Friday, October 8th

Start Title Author Length
9:00 An Introduction to the FreeBSD Open-Source Operating System Marshall Kirk McKusick full-day
Introduction to NETGRAPH on FreeBSD Systems Adrian Steinmann half-day
pfSense 2.0 Tutorial Chris Buechler half-day
Building the Network You Need with PF, the OpenBSD packet filter Peter Hansteen full-day

Schedule for Saturday, October 9th

Start Track 1 Track 2
9:00 Opening Session
9:20 Keynote
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Bjoern A. Zeeb
FreeBSD Jails - notes jotted on the prison wall
Hans Petter Selasky
The new USB stack in FreeBSD 8/9
11:15 James Gritton
Running the new FreeBSD jails
Vassilis Laganakos
FreeBSD on Latest ARM Processors - EABI and Toolchain Approach
12:00 Lunch break
13:30 Klaus P. Ohrhallinger
VPS - Virtual Private Systems for FreeBSD
Thordur Bjornsson, Owain Ainsworth
Bouncing of the other kind: OpenBSD for large memory systems
14:15 Alistair Crooks
Key Technologies - SSH and PGP Convergence
Erwin Hoffmann, Renato Bothelo
Qmail in the FreeBSD universe
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Reyk Floeter
iked(8): Internet Key Exchange version 2 (IKEv2) in OpenBSD
Gábor János Páli
What Functional Programming Can Do for FreeBSD and Vice Versa?
16:15 Henning Brauer
Placeholder - sth OpenBSD networking related
Oliver Schmidt
Contiki - The OS for the Internet of Things
17:00 BSDA exams
19:00 Social Event

Schedule for Sunday, October 10th

Start Track 1 Track 2
9:15 Dru Lavigne
BSD Certification: Applying Open Source Principles to Technical Certifications
Patrick M. Hausen
Hacking NanoBSD for fun and profit - building a manageable hosting platform
10:00 Kris Moore
PC-SYSINSTALL - A new installer backend for PC-BSD & FreeBSD
Hans-Martin Rasch
From Mainframe to FreeBSD
10:45 Coffee break
11:15 Dominic Fandrey
Binary Package Management and Object Oriented Shell Scripting under FreeBSDD
Martin Matuska
Quo vadis ZFS
12:00 Marc Espie
the long road to pkg_add -u... and beyond
Marshall Kirk McKusick
Journaled Soft-updates
12:45 Lunch break
14:00 Marc Espie
efficient distributed package builds in OpenBSD
Warner Losh
Using FreeBSD in a Commercial Environment
15:00 State of the BSD World - What happened in the last year
what new developments are brewing - Q & A Session
16:00 Closing Session

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