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Key Technologies - SSH and PGP Convergence

alistair crooks
Author Description:
Alistair Crooks has been developing software since the 1970s. He is the founder of pkgsrc, and has been a member of the NetBSD core team since 1999. He wrote the user(8) user management suite, the iSCSI target and initiator, the ReFUSE library, and, most recently, netpgp.
This talk describes some recent advances in netpgp, especially its
ability to use SSH keys in place of standard PGP and GPG keys, and
investigates some of the properties of both types of keys. As well as
the properties, some of the strengths and drawbacks of the real-world
deployment of both types of keys are investigated.

We then look at some aspects of benefits to be gained from a
convergence of the two key uses - engendering trust by cross-signing
ssh keys, or by using ssh host keys to sign communications to and from
remote entities.

Following that, distribution techniques for both SSH and PGP keys are
described, from packages to HKP servers, showing the benefits and
drawbacks in each. Design of intelligent agents, avatars and proxies
are discussed. Practical uses of the converged key technologies are
then investigated, including existing uses such as gpg and ssh; new
uses are then proposed, from novel schemes for distributing SSH keys
throughout an entire enterprise, to integration in SSH FP records in
DNSSec schemes, and providing trust for distributed communication in
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