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Qmail in the FreeBSD universe

Erwin Hoffmann/Renato Bothelo
Author Description:
Dr. Erwin Hoffmann

Since 1999 I use FreeBSD in particular as a server system for Dan Bernstein's qmail, whose development was frozen at that time. My SPAMONTROL extension for qmail is suited for large email sites and copes with their current needs w.r.t. anti-spam and anti-virus solutions, encryption, authentication and scalability. Apart from that, I am professor for Information Sciences at the University for Applied Sciences in Frankfurt/Germany.

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Qmail is a secure MTA designed by D.J. Bernstein more than 10 years ago. An advanced FreeBSD port of qmail including SPAMCONTROL and SPF features is available and maintained by the authors.

The talk shows how the architecture of qmail and how it fits into FreeBSD's mailwrapper concept. Special features of the qmail port, including TLS support, SMTP authentication, recipient verification, spam and virus filtering, as well as SPF are covered in addition.
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