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Running the new FreeBSD jails

James Gritton
Author Description:
I've been a FreeBSD committer for the past year, working on the jail subsystem. I received a MS of Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University in 1995, and have been employed since then at Verio, where I developed a BSD-based virtualization system, similar to jails, that's been running on their products for the last ten years. I've been programming computers to one degree or another since the Apple II was young.
As the capabilities of FreeBSD jails have been expanding, a new
expandable interface to the jail system has become necessary. Beginning
with FreeBSD 8.0, a new jail API has been introduced, designed to
seamlessly support new additions to jails as they become available.
Current work includes a new jail configuration and management program to
replace the shell-based RC startup that's still tied to the old "static" jail API.

This presentation will demonstrate, from a user point of view, the new
jail API and tools and how they're used to access both the "core" jail features and some of the newer extensions.
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