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Contiki - The OS for the Internet of Things

Oliver Schmidt
Author Description:
Oliver Schmidt works for SAP AG. In his spare time he contributes to Contiki for more than six years by now.
He is a member of the Contiki core group.
Unix can certainly be deployed on a very wide range of systems. But when it comes to low end embedded systems with less than 5kB RAM, less than 50kB ROM (and without MMU) then no Unix derivat will get you there. However the need for such low end devices is not going to diminish, rather it's becoming more and more important for Smart Objects. Those participants of the Internet of Things are supposed to run sooner or later without any battery at all. Contiki with its world's smallest IPv6 stack is an OS designed for Smart Objects.

This talk gives an introduction to Contiki and presents some quite unique designs regarding the thread model and IP stack. It gives an example on how decisions are driven by research and includes a demo on a well-known 64kB device.
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